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Transportation: Cool Imaginings

Hello Readers,

Before the Cool Imagining begins, I would like to talk about other stuff first. The Big Arrow will be the Start of the Imaginings for those who don’t care for background.

Sorry, if I have been to active today with re-blogs and posts. I had felt too bad to post around the Halloween time till the Thursday after, but as usual I got my wind back.

Halloween is one of the spiritual times, a high energy from the spirit world time. As sometimes happens on other high energy days, like the equinox or some Full Moons, I wasn’t feeling 100%. Usually this effect only lasts a day, but I was feeling so horrible that I pulled out my Angel Answers Oracle Cards and asked can you make this bad feeling go away.

I didn’t know what the bad feeling was. It wasn’t feeling sick, or even completely explained by tiredness. Nor was it depression, or any sort of mood problem. Something just felt wrong, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I slept long hours because I wasn’t sleep well at night.

Yet, here I am, inspired again. So lets begin.

arrow Before when I talked about Transportation Cool Imaginings. I didn’t put to much thought into it. I brushed off the subject as faster cars, faster subways. Yet, in actuality this needs to be handled without limitation. This is for Imagining. I think I can do better then before.

I was inspired by a dream I had many years ago. Two years ago. I only briefly wrote on it, but I can still vaguely remember pushing a car out of gas to a gas station only to find that aliens had removed all the gas, everywhere on Earth.

Last night I dreamt that aliens took all the gas from every car on earth. This was in order to save the world.

My sister and I somehow managed to get our car to a gas station in a snow storm. When we arrived we discovered that there was no gas there either.

Then the aliens put in a wonderful transportation system in the sky. We got in a clear tube that took us to a room with a map. We could go anywhere in the world in seconds and with little energy.

I pushed the wrong button and ended up in New York at an outdoor feast. We were invited to eat.

Yet, this isn’t the limit of my idea. Imagine for a second being able to look up a spot on Google Maps, and simply teleport there. Everyone would have a phone that could do this. An advanced phone. One that you could never lose. All you had to think of is using a computer, and a screen would appear in the Air. With our fingers, or mind you could look up the location you wanted to visit, and hit Travel. The program would find an empty space on the street for you to teleport into. Hence you could travel to China in seconds.

Furthermore, sleep would be different. A person would only need to sleep a minute to feel like and experience sleeping an hour. Therefore you just take a short 1-8 minute nap whenever you feel like it.

I am putting this in because this person could follow the Sun around the World with the teleportation technology. They could have a life in two or more parts of the world. As everyone would have many waking hours, the time change would be less of a problem.

You could visit your European friend for Lunch in Japan. Have Breakfast in Africa with your Australian friend. Then meet with your family for at French Restaurant in Paris. Instead of just being a global community on the internet. It would become global in real life. You could teleport to a friend’s house for a chat, instead of talking on the phone. (Please warn them first, are they might be exploring an Alaskan Glacier instead of at home.)

Instead of having to move a piano up the stairs, you would also teleport that to the correct spot. The sky is the limit. Put on a parachute and teleport into the sky. Better yet, get wings and fly.

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