Late Night Channel of an elemental

I am going to channel Nexus who is a Fae hybrid.

Nexus what kind of hybrid are you?

This is a very personal question. I am not sure I want the Internet to know me this way.

Do you wish to answer?

Fine. I have the green skin of a green man, and green hair. Yet, I am not Green man or dryad. My eyes shine bright Red from my fire elemental side. I am also a little human.

Now that our readers understand who I am attempting to channel, (and I am picturing my family viewing me as crazy for this attempt) what do you want me to ask you about. I was totally going to Channel Raphael and he said, “Why not Channel Nexus. Only you can Channel Nexus.”

If this catches on I’m sure I will be getting a lot of phone calls from others attempting to channel me. I am by no means as advanced of a multi-diminutional being as Raphael. I am just a powerful elemental. I work with the Earth. I guard sacred gardens, which used to be a much easier task before the rain forest started being cut down. My job requirements changed once humans started cutting and mowing the sacred gardens. I keep a record of every species on the planet, with the help of other elementals. So that what has been lost, can be remade. We keep track of the balance, whereas before we just kept the balance. So in what humans might refer to Faerie land, which is just a record of Gaia before humans cut down, and burnt down, and poisoned, I maintain the balance while recording every new animal extinct.

So I want to request that the humans learn how to connect with the elemental to start giving us the power to return Gaia to full glory. We can work amazingly fast. Scientists are often surprised by our work. Yet, with connections with humans, the right kind of human, we can have more animals thought extinct suddenly be spotted.

All you need to do is simple. Respectfully reach out to the land. With respect we can help with your endeavors of bringing the rain needed. We can make plants grow healthy and strong. Know that with respect of the Land, nothing has been lost forever. It can all return.

Humans might smile and laugh at the thought of Faerie land. Yet, it is beyond any story ever created of it. It is Nature, and living in nature in harmony. For we have accepted more then just the lost animals into our land. We provide sanctuary for the Indigenous. In your history white men might have attacked village after village. Yet, before the attack we welcomed the peoples into a safe zone. The Indigenous who died in those attacks entered Faerie land before the attack, and a copy of them stayed to be seen as killed by those who survived.

Nothing is lost of those cultures, for they respected what you know think of as your land. They now are closer to nature then ever before. For in Faerie land there are all the kinds of Faeries.

This is how so many Faeries end up with human blood. My human side is Native American, and Celtic. You heard the legend where the original inhabitants of Ireland were turned into Leprechauns. Really they are still a culture; they just live in my land. Leprechauns were around before then. You just don’t have the culture to explain them. I’d like to say that it was different, that the story was different then those of the Native Americans. Yet we accepted into our land those that died in yours before they even died.

So do not laugh at Faerie land. It would not have quite so many humans, if humans hadn’t been determined to destroy other cultures. Yet, we are the ultimate haven for those who respect the land. There have been cultures that we did not welcome into Faerie land, when they could have been saved. There are other lands for those cultures. Yet, a great majority of the cultures attacked, were those who respected the land.


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