Small talk about… Grocery shopping?

As I said it takes a lot of motivation for me to play the Lottery. Even just writing a post about the Lottery was not enough. I rationalized that it was enough motivation to get me to the grocery store, where I could potentially save money. When groceries get quite as low as I had let them get, you have to eat out simply because there was nothing to cook. Eating out costs more money then cooking.

Not only that, but I could pick up quarters to to laundry. Sadly they were out of quarters. When I got home I forgot about the great need to be laundry. I had decided to wash lots of clothes a while ago, and even went so far as to pull clothes out of my closets that had taken on too much closet smell. My laundry is waiting, while I go through outfits I don’t normally wear.

As I do not have a car, I have to carry my groceries home. I got many groceries, but no milk (milk is too heavy to add to lots of groceries). I’d say I got about 5 meals, and finally some snacks. Oh, mac and cheese was on sale add to that 4 organic Mac and Cheese for $1 each. Maybe, 5 meals might not sound like a big shopping, but try to carry all that home. Talking about food is making me hungry.

Now not much of this was Organic. If I win the lottery I will be shopping Organic, but until then, I shop half Organic. I decided that Organic produce just tastes better. So I got my favorite kind of Apple Organic, and Bananas Organic.

I also got a few Mochi Ice Creams. My roopurplepeopleeatermmate had picked some up, and not eaten them for forever. I finally gave into temptation and ate some. I promised to replace them. I usually do not give into temptation, but I try to replace things when I do, so no one notices. Last time (prior to the Mochi Ice Cream) I gave in was when I was sick.

I vaguely remember I had watched some video about following your bliss (Bentinho) and for me that equated to eating the Mochi Ice Cream that I saw every time I opened the freezer. I blame Bentinho, lol. My roommate did not care about me eating the Ice Cream btw.

Anyway, this talk has motivated me to snack on something. As usual, art does not relate to post.

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