Today’s Message from our Angels

This is the feeling of my life lately. Yet, at the same time I am starting things, just not expecting them to bloom yet. I am starting to do more artwork, which falls into the building skills category. Yet, I feel a bit like a student still. The Master might be hunting me, but I am still the student plus master. (You have to listen to Matt Kahn to understand this comment.)

Diana P. " Messages from our Angels"

Hello everyone. I hope all of you have had a fantastic day so far. Today’s message is:


Today is all about being patience with what we desire. The card reads: “Now is the time to learn, study and gather information. Enjoy being a student, because in the future, you will synthesize your knowledge into action.”

A little more about this card: Although you may be aching to begin a new project, now is not the time. You are in the vital phase of gathering right now. This means that you’re acquiring new information through studying, reading, meditating, channeling, taking classes, interviewing experts, and other means. In all of life, there is a time for gathering and a time for planting.

It is too soon for you to decide how you will use the new information that you’re absorbing. You may have some ideas, though, so it might be wise…

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