Oracle Cards that keep on showing up for me

The last few days I have been getting to bed at a good hour, and sleeping a lot. I will think, I slept in so I will likely be able to stay up later tonight… nope. Not only that, but I am getting tired only hours after getting up. Who knows what is going on with my health to cause this. I have hypothyroidism, and also ran out of some of my vitamins. I have been doing without my B-Complex hoping it will not impact me. (Mostly Vegetarian)

So, I have been drawn to post, as I haven’t been posting enough, and felt too tired. Last night I pulled out many Oracle Cards, again. Yet, they literately told me to go to sleep. Really, I got a card call, “Sleep” and another called, “Deep Restful Sleep.” Each told me to get good hours of sleep. Which, when tiredness comes to me, I do a good job of. As I am too tired to stay up late. Yet, on other days, nighttime is when things quiet down. I will stay up late hours to focus on things I was too busy to do earlier.

I admit to having unhealthy sleep habits. It is a habit I developed long ago when I was sleeping 14-16 hours a day. I couldn’t fit myself into the 24 hour cycle and rotated waking hours between day and night. Nothing I face in tiredness today compares to the past. Even a year ago, I would get waves of extreme tiredness throughout the day. It was much more extreme then now.

So while I complain about not knowing why I am tired, I know this is nothing compared to my past. This weaker tiredness seems to come and go with weeks of normal energy in between. It slowly fixes my sleeping hours for a bit, and then once energy returns I go back to late nights.

Another kind of card I am pulling often lately is the ‘Go out in nature’ card. Last year, I did much better being active. This year I opt to cook my own food and stay inside to save money. Going out often leads me to buy things. It is like I walk by a shop and can feel how much they need business.

I got my second pedicure (in my whole life) last month. Inside the shop I noticed a prosperity alter. I think it works. Normally, I consider pedicures pointless, yet here I was suddenly called to have one. I talked a long time about how I didn’t know if my Mother has ever gotten her nails done at a Salon. That she would consider it a waste of money. Which is true. Yet, for business to survive, people need to spend money there. Otherwise there will be an empty store.

My draw to support businesses leads to me have little in my bank account by the end of the Month. I’ve started calculating how much money I can spend every day, and still make rent. I spend days at home cooking foods because it enables me to save up that everyday amount into a higher number.

I know that if I didn’t make Rent, my Mother would help. Yet, I don’t think it is fair for her to never get pedicure, or go out to eat. She would be saving money anyways, but she buys cheap food at grocery stores. I try my best to buy organic. Is it fair for me to have the luxury of organic foods, then ask her for money to pay rent?

So when I get the ‘Organic Foods,’ Oracle Card, and I am already attempting to afford organic food, I tell the Angels, “You have to figure out how I am going to pay for it.” Because, yes, I’d love to eat more organic, but no, I do not have the ability to meet rent if I do. The solution cannot be asking my Mother for help.



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