Human Design… Manifesting Generator

Hello World,

I have been reading about Human Design. I am just trying it on I guess. Some parts are great fits, but others not so much so. According to my Chart, I am a Manifesting Generator, Hermit Opportunist, and a few other things. Currently, I am reading, Understanding Human Design by Karen Curry.

“What people often don’t understand about the Manifesting Generator

is that they need to do more than one thing at a time.”

Excerpt From: Karen Curry. “Understanding Human Design.”

I do have a need to do several things at once. Hence my old Mobile Phone game addiction. It enabled me to feel like I was an accomplished Multitasker. Reading a book, and playing a game at the same time. Listening to audio without video presents a problem for me. I often will surf the Internet and end up wishing I could manage to listen and read the articles I discover at the same time. I cannot… I have tried.

So without a video aspect to occupy my mind, and send me into trained T.V. mode, I often pay half attention to parts of the audio. I have discovered that doing digital artwork in the background, leaves the verbal side of my brain free to listen. So I will be listening to audio and preparing images for my blog posts.

You might have noticed my images and posts do not match up. This is because they are created apart from each other. I have no idea what I am going to write about when I make the image. I am listening to Kryon, Beyond the Ordinary, or HayHouse. If I do not occupy myself I will lose focus surfing the Internet in parts and not hear the whole.

I, however, am a slow person, because of the medication I am on. I think it also limits my Multitasking focus. I pay great attention to detail. I learned long ago that following Instructions Step by Step is often important in the world. For example: Miss a piece in putting together a Lego and you might have to take everything apart to fix it.

So parts line up with me, and parts don’t.

So should I pay attention to the need to wait? I feel like if I wait I will be forever doing nothing. Yet, even with this Blog, it feels like it will be a very long time before I reach any level of success. I’m talking about beyond years. It might very well be a decade before I reach my goal… maybe more. Yet, if I don’t try I will not feel complete.

I think Human Design teaches a certain strategy for facing life, yet it might not be the only strategy.

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