I admit, I am not always the best at not caring about views

This video is the spirit I am trying to take on with this Blog. Long ago, I would judge the success of a post by how many likes it got. A like was the same as getting a gold star from the teacher. I’d write a post, and say, “This is a good post. I think it will get lots of likes.” When I got a like I’d think to write more in this style. Yet, sometimes I judged wrong and a post wouldn’t get as many gold stars as I’d like.

So I decided to post for myself, but this is just an illusion I tell myself. I could just as easily never post what I’ve written if that were the case. Yet, the act of talking to someone comes into writing when you post it on the internet. So even if I tell myself that I am just writing my souls homework, I find myself checking how many views I receive.

I am working to be like Deep Waters in the video above, so I decided to share it. I shouldn’t care how many views a post receives, too.

Categories: Beginnings

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