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This NDE has got me thinking about how much of a co-creator I am. How much I am actually able to have a part in changing an outcome. In this NDE, he is told that he will not have a part in the bad events happening, and he cannot change them. If we are co-creators then we each would have had a part.

After watching Bentinho’s last weekly video, I went to sleep. Bentinho had particularly focused on the importance of dancing like no one is watching because it doesn’t matter what others think. I have noticed a tendency of his to bounce between the Individual being a God(dess) who can create their OWN Reality, and that we are here to work within a collective to create Reality together. In the videos I’ve watched he tends to focus on the Individual God(dess) aspect a bit more.

The moment I woke up, the next day, in my mind I heard the words, “But it is a collective.” Along with the sound of something blowing, or popping… I guess a ballon popping.

I understand the concepts taught by Bentinho, and his teachings tend to aline with my current understanding that many of the things that happened to me in life, I allowed to happen. Yet, I do not know to what degree the things have happened due to a collective, vs I created them to learn.

In this NDE, again, we have the concept of evil beings. While reading about the child being attacked by Wisps, I remembered what the Shaman had told me. She said, “The problem with the New Age is that they don’t believe in evil.” I think back to my old fears, remembering when I was Manic and convinced I could hear the cries of Souls in Hell. The fear of, “What if I am wrong to follow my own path, turning my back to my childhood religion, and end up in Hell.”

I could be completely wrong about everything. I know very little, and everything I pieced together, has been secondhand.

Yet, when it comes down to it. I don’t want to live my life based on the fear of what could happen to me when I die. I prefer the adventure of finding my own path, over the one that was handed to me. Because the one I was given, was a bad fit.

I tend to go on spiritual journeys without doing anything to purify the space from evil first. I might attract evil spirits to me in the process so much that when I die they will attack. Just like this child being attacked by the Wisps. Yet, I do not think I will be trapped in hell forever. I think it will be scary, but during scary times in my life, (like when Manic) I knew how to reach out for help. When I get scared, I am able to send a clear psychic message for help, just like the child in this NDE.

Just because I choose not to live in fear, doesn’t mean that there are no bad things out there. Yet, I believe the Universe is set up to help those who cry for help. Even if I land in Hell beings, we know as Angels, can save me.



“There’s a place that I go,
That nobody knows.
Where the rivers flow,
And I call it “home”.

“And there’s no more lies.
In the darkness, there’s light.
And nobody cries.
There’s only butterflies.”

~Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”

AngelicView: In this epic experience, Leonard takes us through a few experiences that he had with the other side of the veil, including an OBE/NDE during surgery at the age of eight from a burst appendix where his life hung in the balance, harassed by some other-dimensional beings, being taken to a room with a model of the Earth and being told the future, and much more. During his life review, Leonard discovers the situation surrounding his birth – and he explains it to us in great detail. He stated that he believes he had an NDE during childbirth, but I would like to propose that it may have been the…

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