Bentinho Massaro: Becoming a Manifestation Powerhouse

I am not completely through both videos yet. Last night I had to stop and sleep while still not done with the first video. I focused on the truth of the words spoken in the first video, and what I had been uncovering about my Soul recently.

If you watch the video from my last reblog, then you will realize that truth isn’t the right word. I needn’t focus on the ‘Truth’ of the words, but how they feel. They feel good and empowering. Goodness is empowering. I think both posts go together well. One reblog taking us from the focus of ‘Truth,’ and another empowering us when we feel too weak to make a difference.


AngelicView: I have come to a point in my life… where I feel as though I understand. I get it. I know at least the basics about life and death. I (feel that I) know why we’re here and what it’s like to get outta here. And for awhile now I’ve felt as though I’m spinning my wheels. Like, I’m not learning anything anymore that’s challenging (that I’m interested in).

My job as a nurse has become frustrating. We nurses become nurses (usually) because we like to take care of people.  The problem with the profession (as I see it) is that we are required to spend more and more time doing menial tasks and sitting at a computer and less and less time actually with our patients. All this with less and less staff (figure that one out). My body is frustrating because it hurts and it won’t do…

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