Woke up singing, “I saw the sign.”

I had an interview today, and woke up extra early to get ready. Soon I realized I was singing, “I saw the sign, it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.” I concluded that there must be some sign for me to look out for today.

I was cutting it kind of close for showing up early to the interview. So I decided the first sign (for whether this was the right job) was for the buses to show up in good time. Check.

I decided that the second sign was that the job offered benefits even for part-time.

The third sign will be whether or not I am hired. If I am not hired, it was a pretty clear sign the job is not right for me. If I am, I can get off disability… or mostly off of it.

I am a little nervous to face possibly face a new job. I filled out a questionnaire to figure out what kind of autistic person I am. It turns out that I have a lot of cognitive difficulties when it comes to work. I cover them up, but have lots of trouble learning new things. I forget a lot of what is taught to me.

Still no one is perfect. I am consistently on time, and reliable. I hope I make up for my shortcomings this way. I have two disabilities that I need to overcome, or I will be on disability all my life. I would prefer to face the difficulties of learning a new system over not working.

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