The wave has receded

Many months ago I talked about how my interest in New Age topics ebbs and flows like the tide. Lately the tide has withdrawn. I read the bad astronomer’s site on astronomy. It talks about how astrologically makes no sense by looking at it from a scientific viewpoint. I am not that into astrology, but there were a number of links for Cold Reading, which has me questioning my most recent Tarot Card Reading.

I have an interest in the New Age, but I am still very much an outsider. Reading articles that make me challenge the medication I take turns a simple interest into a life changing choice. Whose side should I pick Science, or Alternative.

Getting a Tarot Card reading that tells me to wait two years before going back to college is also life changing. I was hoping the reading would motivate me to study, by looking at my issue from a psychics point of view. Now study is filled with more doubt. Should I listen to the reading? Is it right?

It seems looking at the New Age from an outsiders point of view is impossible. All the material is written to change you. It wants to pull you in.

So I have not been feeling the need to post of this Intuitive Blog lately. I feel my doubts will only offend. Offending is not my intention. The path which I walk in life is what is being formed. It is a matter that requires thought.

Categories: Beginnings

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