The Awakening: What is it? Should I believe in it?


First off I do genuinely hope for this Awakening that is often spoken of. The world is in a frightful state, and it might require something as dramatic as an Awakening to save it.

What Awakening? Many New Age teachers have pointed to this time period as a time when the world’s frequency is raising. This is causing the vast population’s frequency to increase as well.

People like Dolores Cannon say that the world will split in two. Everyone who’s frequency matches the New World will enter a new stage in human evolution. Those people who are trapped in the negativity of the Old World will remain on that world with all its wars, and disasters.

Yet, there are those who do not believe the world will split in two. They believe the negative people will still exist in the New World, but they will not have power anymore.

As I stated, I hope that this mass awakening will occur, but something has been bugging me about it. What if all this talk about a New World is keeping people from taking action to change the world. We are sitting back, and waiting for dramatic change instead of creating it.

The current leaders could be promoting the spread of this idea, to keep those in the population who would revolt under control. Similar talk about an Awakening is found throughout history. So far nothing much has happened, or has it?

What if I can use the example of my change as evidence that the world is changing? As I recently stated, I am looking at websites I would have written off as crazy years ago, but why? I have always been interested in the metaphysical, but what if the driving force behind my interest is the awakening?

Yet, throughout history there have been people who raise frequency without the coming of a mass awakening. What if the frequency of these people has been creating the illusion of an awakening? People look at their own progress, feel something driving them, and assume that everyone else feels the it to. Yet, the population of Lightworkers is low compared to the whole population.

Who knows really. The interesting thing about talk about this particular Awakening is that it will happen soon. So we will know the answer soon. I am talking about within five years. Some people think that the change could be months away (or less).

The picture of this New World is so appealing that I want the Awakening to happen. Yet, there might be disaster during the transformation. It is hard to say how much of the world’s population would make it. I pray that nearly everyone can make it.

I am afraid, however, that this Awakening will not happen. There is bound to be change, as the world is constantly changing, but it could be slow. Historically the world has changed a lot over time, so the likelihood of continued change is high. Historically the number of times change has been as fast as talked about in the Awakening might be zero.  There have been fast changes, but not many.

So a part of me is waiting to see if the Awakening will occur. I am hoping the evidence of it happening will far outweigh my skepticism.

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