My trip

Living without internet or cell phones I did not find out about the bombing right away. I saw it in a newspaper. I knew that it was depressing to be in the US at that moment. I only had a short time to read the paper and did not get all the details. I believe the bombs that didn’t work were stopped by God. Arriving home I heard about the Texas explosion. Prayers are greatly needed at this moment.

Last Saturday night:

My sisters and myself were walking on the beach at nighttime. We stopped to look at the water and listen to the waves. After some time had passed one of my sisters looked up. “Is that a meteor shower?” she said. I looked up to see the stars dancing in the sky. It was so strange as the meteors would change directions, and the tail did not seem to be following them. What might be a tail was to either side of the star. Looking closely I said, “Maybe its bats… no birds.” “Why are they glowing?” “I don’t know.” We lay down on the beach and watched the birds drift around the sky. It was magical to watch the stars dance. My scientific mind came to the conclusion that the light from the hotels was lighting up the birds. The birds had a white neck that reflected the light making them look like stars.

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