Life Update!!! BTS Concert!! Spring Day Flowers! AND MORE

What have I been doing? If you follow my Instagram you will see that on Sat. May 11th I attended the BTS concert in Chicago. I didn’t take many photos but have relived the moment with videos others posted on Youtube of the event.

Near the end of the event, BTS invited ARMY’s (their fanbase) to go to the concert the next day. I was tempted especially because I found a good ticket at a good price (I think some people were selling because of the predicted rain), but I had no place to spend the night and was unsure if I would be late for my 3pm shift that Monday at work in Michigan.

I did, however, have the day up until the Greyhound departure to walk around Chicago.

(More pictures are on Instagram as well.)

So I have done it. I’ve been to my first concert and I want to go next year as well.

Things have been slow since then in Michigan. Slow and quiet as many students have returned home for the summer. Yet, still the new bubble tea store CoCo is often crowded.

The cherry blossoms were in bloom for a good week, two or three and I got a few good videos/pictures. (The flowers are gone now.)

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More flowers #springbloom

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In Michigan, I love spring, summer, and fall. I spend winter wishing I lived in Hawaii, Florida or somewhere warmer. Spring is the time of year when I am furthest from having to deal with another winter.

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Here is a reminder of winter. Notice how what looks like snow glistens in the light. That is because it is pure ice. Cold, dark, and ice.  😦

ANYWAY. It is spring now so I have decided not to move to Hawaii for the moment. It is actually very rainy so far this spring with planned construction being delayed due to rain in many areas.

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