The fool

Each time I write something I want it to be fresh. The format and style of my writing changes with my mood. I know what style of writing would be most successful for me. Yet, I cannot make myself write in any style other than my mood at the time.

In my evaluation, I have best learned how to write ‘flow of consciousness’ writing, of which I am writing right now. Yet almost as if to improve my skills, I get called to write other topics. Its as if the artist side of me is just one of the multidimensional layers of myself.

So I sit down and ask, “Who am I today?” The other day there was a rare sighting of my scientific logical side. I tend to suppress this side because it is too limited in its thinking to take vast journeys quickly. It is the side of myself I was raised to respect in school, but I find it tends to look at limitations and worry instead of looking at possibilities and potential.

I am not bashing scientific thinking, I am talking about how the side of myself that is logical is limited in comparison to the side of myself that can take leaps of faith. When I was young and lived from that side of myself, I was not happy.

Today I am being the noob side of myself. In the Tarot deck, the noob is the Fool card. Yet if you know the Tarot you know that this is a card of new beginnings and being willing to take leaps of faith. All too often when one thinks they are not a fool, especially those who think themselves the master of something, they close off their eyesight to how things have changed.

This is a reason to move to a new exciting location sometimes. When someone has lived somewhere a long time, they get set in their ways, a change in scenery can break up the patterns and point out changes that were there before they moved, yet they were so caught up in the past way things were they did not have eyes to see the present.

The expert’s mentality is that when something is unknown it is because it is impossible. The noob mentality is that when something is unknown it is because of a lack of knowledge.

One of my three sisters thinks I should pull on the power of the fool card. She thinks I should relocate to the state of Hawaii. Abraham Hicks teaches that wherever you go you bring yourself. Yet, as mentioned before, a move to a new location mentally or even physically can change a person’s eyesight *metaphorically speaking.*

Based on basic research Kailua Kona has a lower cost of living and a bus system. Finding a place that accepts cats, however, appears to be more difficult. I need to talk with my roommate about the possibilities. (She would have to find a new roommate when the lease is up.)

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