Dialog with Self:

Q: Do I feel remotely productive right now? I could write or read a book?

A: I kind of need the empty absorption of Facebook.

Q: Okay now what? Do we write now?

A: Now we sit patiently pondering the next move.

Q: Now?

A: We can start writing, but I’m going to write on the surface at first.

Q: What should I write about?

A: If I knew that I would have already written about it.

Perhaps the cotton blue sky with sunshine streaming in the windows. When you don’t know what to write about, observing the surroundings is a good place to get the flow started. Listen to that distant espresso machine slowly kicking into gear. The people walking around looking at books and the hum of the heating. Perhaps the mention of heating will make you think about winter and you will start writing about the cold outside and the warm inside.

So you are drawn to write again and perhaps the stillness of the surroundings is echoed in your heart. The slight sleepiness that cold brew coffee didn’t expire hangs around the edges of your mind, and in the peace, the eyes start to feel as if closing them and listening for just a minute of peace and rest is ideal.

Yet now you are caught up in the flow and the phone rings.

Now that you have done your best to answer the question you return to the writing. Only the flow has shifted now. You are not as deep in peace. A sip of the cold brew has also invigorated the mind pushing the sleepiness further into the background. The words are flowing a bit faster now. Do you seek peace again in the stillness around you, but notice how there is someone talking energetically by the coffee shop. The world is waking up as the sun is already past noon.

You pause to observe the great amount of change that has occurred in the course of one phone call. The noise level keeps on increasing as more happy people can be heard in the distance. People walking by, walk with purpose now their steps are faster as they absorb the environment around them and mimic the energy. The Barista is heard pouring ice into a cup and a cart rolls across the tile adding the drumming percussion. Doors open. Doors close. There is a beeping of some electronic perhaps in the coffee shop.

So many details that could be reported from the colorful magazines to the tall books. The Sierra brick or rectangular carpet. Yet the artist need not draw every branch on a tree to create the image of the tree. To draw every branch would almost be impossible. The details from the cough to the walk. And it is all changing with so much to capture while you can only use one word at a time.

You pause and listen allowing the keyboard to stop for a moment, yet in order to record the pause, the keys need to move once again. You are always a step behind the detail you notice. For you must notice it, translate it into words and record them… I see several steps as more details get lost. How do you describe the way the sunlight hits the keys of the board as you gaze down? The way the font looks. Interruption.


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