No Limit

The trick to being limitless is to give up on limitation.

(Thinking of readdressing this topic more poetically in future. However this was the style I was in the mood for at the time.)

There is a controversial teacher called Gary Douglas who created Access Consciousness. Some call his group a cult, but I intend to focus on what he teaches. Gary Douglas is one of the greatest teachers of living unlimited I have come across.

He advises giving up judgment to the point that you can be anyone, I will not rehash these teachings on the topic but perhaps take them a step further. He uses the example of a con-man saying you need to be so without judgment that you can be a con-man if required.

I was thinking about this because I was reading The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. One of the agreements is to use one’s word with integrity. Don Miguel also talks about judgment and the need to stop judging ourselves and others.

For a moment I looked at it as yet another example of different views on life. However, if you take Gary’s non-judgment ‘everything is an interesting point of view’ teaching the next step, “Why could one ever need to lie?” The need to lie implies there is a fear about the outcome. Or a judgment that one outcome is better and another judgment that you cannot get this better outcome with the truth.

Perhaps Gary is aware of the next logical step in this teaching or maybe he has not seen the next logical step. Either way, I respect his openmindedness and willingness to have free speech. Even if the media did put out a lot of bad press about him. He withstood the tabloids unapologetically. I also respect his level of intelligence.

When a person is unlimited they are free to be any kind of person, including the con-man. Yet, if a person is truly unlimited by fear there will never be a need to be a con-man. Limitlessness is only possible when a person is fearless. Fear will build a cage around a person.

On the journey that is the natural progression of human intelligence, there is a gate one can only pass through if they have let go of fear. I’d dare to say on the other side of the gate is what the world looks like when you are truly limitless.

As you pass through this gate you need to drop on limitation after another. I cannot say that I am unlimited. I have a great number of fears. Yet, I see this gate before me.

Some use other terminology where instead of dropping limitations they are dropping limiting beliefs.

It is a human dream to fly and here we are trying to fly with cages around our wings and rocks hanging off of us. Once the bird is free of limitation they might fly in the same world, but they fly so much more effectively.

I will let the Z-Boys take over from here:


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