Media Fasting Time has Begun

The November 6th Election Day is drawing near and I have begun my media fasting where I turn off all news from Television or Internet Sources. Abraham-Hicks says that when you vote you also vote vibrationally so it is important to look at voting as a positive experience. I looked up the proposals on the ballot, I looked at the names of the people running for different things. Now I am trusting my intuition on who to vote for.

This is my new voting process that I implemented before the last presidential election. Being an empath I could feel the fear in the air after the results. That kind of dazed shock of how could this be. It was like the temperature of water changed and it took several months for me to adjust so that the water temperature felt unnoticed again.

I will not tell you what my intuition is telling me the results of this election will be. Nor will I tell you what my intuition is telling me the results of the next presidential election will be.

I will review after the fact.

Promises. Promises. Promises.

That is the call of the electoral candidate. That is what covers their websites. The trick is using intuition to weed out which promises will be kept.

The process is so confusing many have given up on voting altogether. Not because they feel their vote will not count, but because they feels whoever wins they will still lose.

The trick to winning an election is the process of giving hope to those who would not normally vote so that they vote for you. Most the people who do vote are already set on their belief system.

So when considering who will win an election it is really more of a consideration of who better transforms those people in-between belief systems to their system.

The temperature of the water is going to change. Whichever way the election goes there is very little change the emotional scale will be the same.

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