Are you the hero?

What power lies within me as I hold my hands in a circle they say the Chi builds up caught between the hands. Little is actually known of this force as all talk on the subject is on this side of the veil. What happens to the Chi next, is the life force really limited or are we but caterpillars who upon death emerge into a new way of being. Much has been written and much has been spoken about this power that animates me, yet are these beliefs true?

I was low in mood this morning. Tired and wanting to continue to sleep. My apartment’s air conditioning was broken last night, and I largely suspect it is broken still. I am getting used to the heat. I have had a visitor for three weeks. One of these weeks was a vacation time at a beach. This means I have been outside of my routine for three weeks. Going to work is a relief as things are slow in summer allowing me much alone time.

What is ahead of me? I know a great deal of the world is filled with fear right now, but I do not have the energy to live in such a high stung way. So I let the topics pass opening up with word only when I think it necessary and well thought out. Why add to the stress of the high stung, go go go world, by repeating the fears back in written form. So I attempt to live differently. I am a NPC (non playing character.)

Go forth with your protests and marches. I hold the peace and listening ear.

Yet, to say nothing when so much is going on is a sin! No, to step back and think things through before overreacting is a virtue. Those who jump into the protest drown in the noise. These who think and analyze first, get lost in the question of whose reality is the true reality. For they will listen to their neighbors who have been fighting for centuries. Many neighbors are so caught in name calling they do not hear each other.

They think about the action of protesting and notice the world has been protesting everything as if getting a big group of people together to yell will solve the problem.

They wonder what the root cause of the problem is and how to really pull a weed so deep out from the root. For if you pull a weed incorrectly it just grows back stronger. How many people have pulled this weed and not reached the root? The root is so deep that simple weed pulling seems impossible.

How do you heal a nation that is filled with complex people and that everyone requires different words to be healed? What is the root cause of our divide and pain? I’m just a NPC, I know this problem is too deep for me to heal anyone but myself. A NPC talks when asked to, but does not win the game.

Are you the hero?

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