I’m Multi-dimensional

I was going to write:

I’m 4th Dimensional. They say that the 4th-Dimension is where you follow ‘conspiracy theory.’ I admit to being 4th-Dimensional than, but do not assume any dimension is greater than another.

I have heard a number of teachers say that the ‘conspiracy theory’ followers are 4th Dimension. Yet, at the same time, many teachers repeat, ‘If you are listening to my teachings, you know you are in the 5th-dimension.’ So as I was waiting a good 10 or more minute for my computer to go from sleep mode to be able to access the Internet to write this awesome idea that all dimensions are equal, an idea that got me out of bed while I should have been sleeping, the idea transformed.

I am warning you now that I am Multi-Dimensional. My posts are all over the place. At times I seem like 5th-Dimension or possibly higher, but at other times I seem trapped in 3rd-Dimension or lower. Yet that is the way with me. I am not meant to reflect one state of being, but to find consensus and harmony with all the dimensions.

So yes, I am drawn to conspiracy theory, or as they would prefer to be called ‘the truth seekers,’ but I am also aware that these groups they have conspiracies against are likely not as they believe them to be… just watch the video because it aligns with one of my dimensional belief systems.

(I would like to know what this Wikipedia of New Age site she mentions is.)

I am a dimension hopper, in my writing and in my life. Perhaps some people were designed to be in one dimension and stay there. Something tells me that if I enjoy watching ‘Truth Seekers’ it is because something is making me align with it. Honestly, I stand on the bridge between 4th and 5th dimension quite often. I walk back and forth bring more 4th-dimensional energy into the light each time I cross the river.

I think that many humans are bridges between dimensions. So if you find yourself transversing from the 3rd to the 5th on a regular basis, don’t worry. Unlike many channelers who paint the 3rd as horrible and the 5th as wonderful bliss, there is beauty in all dimensions.

At a certain point, it becomes such that you can hold space in more than one dimension at once.

So those of you following my blog and wondering, ‘When is she going to make it out of the 4th dimension already.’ The answer is that I already have, I now exist in many dimensions. I am not sure exactly how high of a number I reach and that doesn’t matter.

My job is to be a channel of light and hold together the bridges between dimensions. So as for dropping the conspiracy theories, I already reached that step before I even ran into them. If you read my blog, I used to stop listening to channelers when they got to that fearful stuff.

Something tells me to observe the ‘Truth Seekers’ or when I attempted to contact a Blue Avian I was told to ‘Enjoy the show.’ I have largely stopped writing on the topic except when I transverse into that dimension of reality and it seems natural.

I think the different dimension represent different aspects of the human experience. We all have a little conspiracy theorist/truth seeker in us. We all have a little bit of the 3-D survival instinct in us. It is like the chakra system. Once you travel to the 5th chakra all the ones under do not disappear.

I say, keep your channels to the lower chakras (or dimensions) open and discover how to find balance in each dimension. The 5th-dimensional being might reside in the heart, but they need to balance the lower dimensions to access their true power in the 5th (and reach the next.)

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