Wanting to Write


Here I am behind my computer with the vague idea that I want to write something. However, the feeling of what to write remains in the area outside of words. I completed a many months process of Light Body activation in the Angel Academy 7 last night. Now my body has a certain tiredness to it. I slept in as long as I could and I am still yawning. My body is still adapting to holding my Higher Self inside.

I have not felt this tired during an activation since the time I decided to go to a group free Healing. The Throat Chakra activation had the biggest impact on my mood. I randomly started having the need to write a whole lot more.

I feel the desire to write, but have not the slightest inkling as to what about. I am going to now let this beginning sit in the draft folder until my energy is high enough to go beyond and put feelings into words.

It is now the next day. The stuffiness and sleepiness I woke up with has dissolved. When I woke up it seemed as if my brain had been doing some major growing in my sleep and did not want to stop. My sinuses were stuffed and I just wanted to continue sleeping. I fought off the calls of sleepiness telling me to go back to sleep and took some IBpropion for my head. It wasn’t until I started sipping some of my Chai concentrate with milk that the sleepiness disappeared to a faint shadow in the background.

So now I settle down to where I stopped yesterday, now knowing that Light Body activation is an exhausting process. Or at least the first one is. I fully intend to listen to the whole Chakra activation process again, after I have recovered from the first round. If I were talking to Bashar about this, he would ask, “Does it have to be exhausting?”

I think that the level of tiredness helps me on a conscious level understand how powerful the activation was. It will be much harder to return to the same person I was before. I am in the state I was in before I started being down into debates on forums. I entered the forum world with blessings. Now I have returned to handling every debate as a Blessing challenge.

You do not have to agree with me, and I am not the least bit offended. I know I can start talking like the conspiracy theorists I used to follow. I have started writing much more in a state that is similar to channeling. I am often inspired to make BOLD statements and I just accept that this is how I want to write at the moment.

I have decided to stick with such writing by at least keeping it posted. I fully realize when something sounds like a conspiracy theory, or when I start sounding like a Guru. I don’t fight what I want to write at a given moment because a part of me knows it will not stand up to debate. I follow the joy of expression.

So often I will run into people wanting to debate me on my BOLD statements that I just created for the fun of writing. Sometimes you will hit Gold when you write this way, and sometimes you will hit Coal. I write to write. I get this feeling in me that I want to write and I don’t want to analyze what I am writing.

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