YouTube Pagan Challenge #19-27

19.) How do you feel about group work/worship?

I think it would be awesome to do Spiritual things in a group. I have attended a few group meditations and Spiritual events. However, a great deal of what I do Spiritually I do alone.

20.) What does initiation mean to you?

Initiation is often a part of being excepted in a group. However, there are Self-Initiations that can be done in the guided meditation form. The idea is that you become a new person after the process, open to a new future than what has come before.

21.) Do you have a grimoire/book of shadows?

No actual book. I have my blog to follow the process of my journey.

22.) Do you create your own correspondences?

I use no official correspondence. I use mantras, however. I tend to improvise.

23.) How important is your diet/magickal use of food?

I try to eat healthily. However, I eat many things that some say would hinder Spiritual progress. I recently stopped being Vegetarian after many years. I do not always buy the costly ethical Meats.

24.) How does spirituality relate to your mundane life?

It affects how I react to situations in my mundane life. I feel most positive and hopeful.

25.) What does this time of year mean to you?

This is the time of year when there will be days when it is warm enough to go on long walks again. I will start going outside more and more as the weather warms.

26.) Do you/how do you meditate?

I meditate sometimes when I cannot sleep at night. I also listen to guided meditations that are intended to transformational.

27.) Do you use chants/mantras/affirmations?

Yes, my favorite mantras are “I Love You,” and “May you be blessed.”

The Spirit Garden

This is a continuation of the YouTube Pagan Challenge from last year.  I am going to get back to answering the questions in intervals.

19.)  How do you feel about group work/worship?

  • I feel it is great depending on the situation, but not necessary for everybody.  I really wanted to be a part of circle when I was a teenager exploring the craft .  What teenybopper witch who saw The Craft didn’t want somebody to call the corners with?  :-p  However, having a group to work with isn’t always a possibility.  I think this is probably especially true for people in rural areas.  There is a smaller pool of people in which to find friends.  Finding people you get along with really well can be difficult in itself at times, finding such people who share your less popular spiritual path is even more of a challenge.  Then add extra challenge…

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