Insomnia, yep right now


The hour is late, I work tomorrow morning. Last time this happened I had to go to work on zero sleep. I am hoping once this post is done, sleep will catch up with me. There is always the debate when this happens on a night before work, of if I should call in sick the next day.

I have joined OkCupid, much to my demise finding someone who will even message you more than once is difficult. It really makes me feel the weight of my label Overweight. I don’t want to lie and pick my body type as Thin or even Normal. I am feeling about ready to quit OkCupid about only two days.

I went to a psychic today at the local metaphysical bookstore. It felt like she was reading someone who was me but wasn’t. Another aspect of myself. Some things were on point and others were not. My cards showed me as a person deep in the middle of work with little time on my hands. Yet, I have just two part-time jobs.

They did not see anything about my artistic or writing side. They asked about the relationship I was in and I told them I had joined OKCupid a few days before. The psychic said that I would get a relationship out of the site, but it would be mainly physical.

I really think that the cards were right, but work was not what they were really talking about. I spend a lot of time on my Spirituality and in a way it could be the ‘Work’ that is taking up a lot of time.

As for the relationship… well I am still kind of in a relationship with Nexis, but I have trouble connecting most of the time. I, however, have dreams where we are making Fae/Human Hybrid babies. So this would be why it seemed the relationship was current and not future.

To me, it seems pointless to pursue OkCupid for a mainly physical relationship that will not last in the long run. I am looking for a relationship with emotional/intellectual/spiritual connection.

I do not know why the cards choose to convey themselves in such a way. Anyway, it seems I will be advancing in the area of ‘Work,’ but because this reading was so not literal I do not know if that means my Spiritual ‘Work’ will be advancing or I am going to get an actual job.

It does appear that I will be moving in the future possibly someday to the area of France. Now that I think about it, it seems like she was reading my sisters. One of my sisters literally works so much she has hardly any free time. Another of my sisters has a French husband and he wants to move with her back to France one day.

The psychic was picking up my sister’s energies through me. Yet, why? What am I supposed to take from such a reading?

You see I am very connected with my three sisters. So much so that our names overlap and written one after the other form a circle. The ‘El’ in Elisabeth is the end of the name one sister and the ‘Th’ is the beginning of my eldest sister’s name. Each of our names is connected. For the end of my eldest sister’s name overlaps with the “Sa” in my next eldest sisters name. Get the idea?

I think the overlap happened because my sister was coming to the same location to see a band. We were meeting up. She even texted me during the reading. When the psychic realized that something about the reading was off, she jumped to reading the wrong person again. My sister who loves France.

I guess the energy of my sisters and myself are very mixed right now. Only one card in the whole spread was for me. The center card. The rest represented my eldest sister and the three extra cards the psychic pulled when she realized something was off were for my middle sister.

I am still not tired. If I go to work tomorrow, it is going to be a long day. I know they say not to look into computer screens when you are having trouble sleeping, but I could tell before I got up that sleep was very far off. Usually, I just lay around meditating.

I wanted to write the things I was thinking about out. I would not have been able to process the reading otherwise. Apparently, when Jenny Schiltz reports a ‘High Energy Wave.’ It is not the time to get a psychic reading as my energy will be in hibernation while my sister’s energy from within my field will have become stronger to compensate for mine being in such a high state of change that it cannot radiate out as much as usual.

However, I did learn that one sister will be moving up in the Work world. While another sister will be moving to France in the future.

My own future will have to wait for another day.


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  1. In my own personal opinion, you would be better off finding a deck that you click with and learning to read for yourself. It is much cheaper in the long run and more of your energy will go into the cards/readings. There are tons of sample images from many decks listed on That is how I found my deck (I have another I got before, but it didn’t speak to me so much.) My deck is the Mystic Dreamer deck. It came with a detailed book so I barely look at my other tarot books. Chances are you can find one to suit your taste on the website. Bought mine at Barnes & Noble years ago.

    • I had meet this psychic at a Spiritual get together of another psychic friend. She started to read me there and stopped. She told me this wasn’t the place. So I kind of went in for a reading many months later (maybe 6 months). Only now realize that because I was meeting with my eldest sister in the same location later that day, she read my sister’s energy. Or at least the cards did. She did recommend I get a deck of cards that calls to me as the ‘High Priestess’ was the most positive card in the Spread. Usually my spread is filled with promising cards without the mention of work. She said I had the potential to be a card reader, but when she learned I was considered ‘mentally ill’ she said due to this I should only read for myself. I think she had wanted to read for me to tell me she saw I could be a reader, but I kind of hurt to be told that due to my mental health (in the past) I couldn’t be one. I really hadn’t wanted to be one, but I felt a kind of sting.

      • The only person who was ever paid to do a tarot reading for me (before I had a deck) was mentally ill. I think maybe she was being treated for schizophrenia. Not 100% on that. She did a pretty good job.

    • The reader has good eye contact with the camera. She seems talented, I will have to keep an eye on her to see if I ever want to write a post on her being a good reader.

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