Brad Johnson: Reality Whisperer


I had a question inside me about if I should turn my manifestation power towards manifesting the Night Shift Position that had opened up at my workplace. A single question with layers of detail, that I wanted another’s opinion on.

I knew my Mothers opinion which was that I couldn’t afford to be picky. To take any Full-time job open to me. I knew my eldest sister had a similar opinion. Recently, I had watched Brad Johnson’s channeling on becoming a living librarian.

His Youtube Channel can be found here.

I realized that most of his channellings resonated with a deep part of me. There are a few topics on which we differ, but there is no channeler or guru in which I have not found a differing resonance on some topics.

Anyway, taking into consideration how the vast majority of his channellings seem to access a deep knowing within me, I started looking at the prices of his channeling sessions. I noticed that for $10 you could get one question answered. As I had a single question, the price seemed more than reasonable.

I think I must have incorrectly sent the first email, causing a slight delay in the process, but I was actually grateful that I got to re-word my question after a week of thought. Below is the audio that includes Brad reading my email and his answer to my question.

This answer speaks to what my heart is saying. It is what I want to believe is possible.

Can the world really fit with my expression, instead of my expression fitting within the world?

I know that my Mother would disagree that it is possible that a person could somehow make money in such a way. My family would think me deluded. Yet, I am making no progress following the path they envision me on because I want another part.

I want to be able to do what I love and feel deserving enough that what I love can support me, without having to cater what I love to the expectations of others.

You know what, I am totally deserving of Abundance. My art is good enough even those times when I can barely manage more than a squiggle. My writing is good enough even those times when I can only small-talk in written form.

I have been listening to Abraham on audiobook, to try to conquer this course called the Law of Attraction. I want to believe. I want Abundance to flow into my life.

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    • In the long run, I don’t think there is a chance of things not working out. Just a matter of how long the run is. I think perhaps if I really, really try to learn the Law of Attraction as seriously as if I were taking a college course, it will not take long before I can start practicing it (bit by bit). Than I can know for sure what reality is made of… is it the reality we create or one we stumble upon, is it predestinated or creative. I am thinking deeply about the word creative.

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