I wanted you to see the Ocean for the Fish…


It is rare that I will hear my guides, but one guides statement, “I wanted you to see the Ocean for the Fish” could be interpreted on many levels. I could be a statement about Abundance along the lines of ‘There are plenty of fish in the Sea.’ In this common phase to tell a person who has just ended a relationship. In this case, ‘Fish’ refers to people.

So perhaps this particular guide wanted me to see the world for the people within it. Not to look at this great round globe of Gaia and to only see green and blue. To really look into the eyes of those around me and to see humanity as it goes through the transformation of the ages.

The world has offered me no lack of people. There was a question I wanted to ask my pendulum. Yet, my confidence in my adeptness at using a pendulum has taken a few hits. Forum goers seem to think that Bashar says that humans do not have the correct emotional field in order to use a pendulum effectively. In short, we tend to get the answers we want as our very auric field will move the pendulum towards the answer we desire.

As I have not directly heard Bashar make this statement, but only heard through the grapevine, I will ask the pendulum questions yet again. A pendulum can be a powerful tool. It shapes your expectations, if you put enough faith in the results, and therefore shapes the future you attract. Ever heard of a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

With an understanding of the Self-Fulfilling nature certain predictions, it would be in our auric fields best interest to influence a pendulum towards a positive outcome. It very well might be your belief in that outcome that causes you to navigate timelines towards what you want.

I would like to hear about Bashar really said about pendulums before retiring mine to the background.

I am currently working on The Law of Attraction. Here is an example of a sign while listening… I saw that the Youtube video was filled with ads every five or fewer minutes, so I started looking at the price of buying Abraham channelings while listening to the video in the background.

However, I could not easily uncover what the topics of the audio would be and Abraham was just as expensive as Bashar, if not more so. All I wanted was some short channelings with clearly written topics to find a title that stood out to me. As I gave up on navigating the site, I realized that not a single ad had played while I was searching. I went back and listened with more attention noting the spots where an ad should have played. After listening I looked into the related videos and found one said that it had no ads during the recording.

I went into the Vortex and manifested what I wanted without even trying. I have gotten almost all the Law of Attractions Audiobooks from that have spoken channeling… now I just need to manifest a nice day tomorrow to walk while listening to another of them.


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  1. I personally am skeptical of channelers even though I believe a person can channel. It’s the same sort of skepticism I might have with a psychic. Are they channeling who they say they are channeling or are they channeling their subconscious? I channeled once as a teen and posted it on a forum. I don’t even really remember what I channeled or the name of the source I seemed to have channeled because it was so long ago. In retrospect, that could have been me channeling from myself with a created name. All of that being said, I have heard that the same concept can apply to pendulums. Not really an auric issue in this idea, but a matter of tapping into the subconscious. People can even use a pendulum with the intent to uncover what their subconscious thinks or knows. Messages channeled from a person’s subconscious can still be full of wisdom. That is why even though I am skeptical about the true source of channeling (except when a person says they channeled their higher self), I am not skeptical that wisdom can be found in what is said.

    However, I personally wouldn’t trust channeling that cost a lot of money to hear. It’s one thing if a psychic is actually channeling a deceased loved one for a client while working one on one. That is a personal service. However, if a wise being of higher consciousness wants to give a message to humanity it doesn’t seem likely that that higher conscious being would be cool with somebody charging an arm and a leg to let people receive that message.

    As far as the pendulum goes, if it works for you it doesn’t matter too much why it works. I agree with you that you should be using it as long as it works for you. I believe the saying is “Different strokes for different folks.” Just because I don’t really work with a pendulum for divination does not mean I would go around discouraging others from using them. Thanks for sharing.

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