I set off upon a road as wide as the Ocean…


The real world is not filled with paths that are narrow in any way. It defies the simple logic of the shortest distance between two points being a straight line. This logic only works when the points are stationary. In the real world, the points jump location and dimension. If you walk a straight line, you might end up in the correct location, only to find what you are looking for is not there. The point is to walk a meandering line, to take the scenic route so that the sights elevate your vibration until the dimension you exist in is the exact one you need.

Sometimes when following your excitement, which is your roadmap on how to reach the needed vibration to access your dreams, you will walk to a coffee shop where you will do nothing but sip tea and listen. You might not have overhead the secret answer to your question, but you just might have given yourself the space and time you needed.

We have been simply existing quite a lot. The feeling of progress can be stifled when one has not even gotten the chance to go to a coffee shop that day. Sometimes people look up the meaning of “A Day Well Wasted.” It is certainly a concept to wrap one’s mind around.

We have not been taught to feel good about giving yourself the space and time to evolve into our highest self. We are caterpillars, and the Universe has done it’s very best to put us in the cocoon. It has created an economy where jobs are lacking for a great many of us. We can get upset about the state of the world, or we can open our eyes to see that even unemployment is part of the perfection of divinity.

It is no wonder to the divine plan that many of us have been forced into cocoons instead of being forced onto the factory line. The kind of evolution that we can do in the environment of the factory has largely been done. Humanity has been doing that kind of evolution throughout the Iron and Steel Ages.

We are entering into the Golden Age. An age which we have no blueprint to follow. We are going to build it, bit by bit, and I have no idea what we will do for employment during that age. The schools we grew up in, taught us to be factory works. Even if Trump manages to bring factory jobs back to America, it is only a matter of time before robotics steal the remaining factory jobs away.

The reality is very simple. We need to adapt to the changing world. The time of repeating the same task over and over again while integrating in the background… done.

For a while, we will integrate in the quiet space. Many of us do a great deal of work in our sleep, and during these times we tend to sleep long hours. A tired yawn just escaped me. I blinked and focused until a bit more energy returned.

This post is winding down with my level of energy. Just remember that progress is being made even when things seem exactly the same. If you highest excitement is to go to the coffee shop or watch a favorite movie, you are following that wide road towards your destination just as surely as the thrill seeker who decides to go rock climbing without a rope (referring to Bentinho here.)

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