Just For Fun Questionaire

1) Dream Vacation: When I was young and went on my first Cruise the food tasted so much better than the food at home. It was like a whole new world to a little girl that once had needed to have her winter coats donated by a charity. I was in the library of the Cruise looking at the List of Yearly Cruises and I saw that there was a Year Long Cruise. I also had noticed from a travel book that the cruise line I was on did not have the top rating for food. So I daydreamed about taking a World Cruise on the top Cruise Ship.

2) Number two depends on a few factors. Could my small house also have a greenhouse, garden, chickens, cow? I would like to try the project of growing the foods I eat. Getting my milk from a cow that I know is treated well because I raised it. Same with the Chickens. That is what one part of me would pick. Yet, if I live in a city. I might go for the Big House. In a city, there is much around you to explore, so you do not need as big of a Yard. I could invest in Systems to Grow some food indoors. There are two parts of me that are divided on the topic. My ancestors were Farm Dwelling individuals. I have relatives that are cow farmers. Also in Ireland is an old relative that has never eaten a single thing that he did not grow on his farm. Deep plant and animal connections run in my blood that way. However, I have grown up a small city girl, not a farm girl. The excitement of the city sometimes calls to me too.

3) I would pick a small wedding or elopement. I would save the money that would have gone to the wedding for an epic honeymoon.

4) I do not like shopping too much at the Mall. It is okay sometimes… I also get bored sometimes shopping for hardware. Yet, it is fun at times to look at the wood and wonder what could be built with it. I am not a fan of long drawn out shopping.

5) Me time… when the weather is good, I will walk to a coffee shop and order a tea. I will sit for about an hour before I decide to do something else. As the Coffee Shop is near a grocery store, sometimes I randomly decide to pick up groceries. The Coffee Shop is also next to many food places. If I do not have groceries to carry home, I will often walk home listening to an audiobook. Sometimes I walk the long way home that takes me by a library. The long way is on a quieter road that few people use. You walk past a golf course, and in other areas, there is some forest. I used to walk through the forest more until my sister got Lyme Disease. Sometimes I take the long road towards home way past my home into the downtown.

The Spirit Garden

Feel free to copy the questions and answer them for yourself.

1. What is your dream vacation?

  • I want to go to Louisiana with my man and his Mom. I want to spend most of that time in New Orleans, but I also want to visit Myrtles Plantation.

2. Would you rather have a large house on a small plot of land or a small house on a large plot of land?

  • I would rather have a small house on a large plot of land.

3. What is your ideal wedding?

  • Small. No more than 15 guests. Late Summer or early Autumn. Abackyard/porch/sunroom wedding. DIY vintage style. Justice of the peace or mother in law officiating. Food prepared by family and me. I like the idea of serving burgers and fries in a burger basket like diners have. A cupcake tower. Maybe have a salad there for balance.

4. What…

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