Bashar – Following excitement


My posts lately have been short updates. It as always is rare when my higher wisdom will show through. Honestly, for day to day purposes, I navigate well by myself. I am trying to come out of my shell and instead of making excuses to not attend a meetup because it is on the wrong day for me, I created my own meetup. Now I can ensure that the group meets on a day I can attend.

I am really following the advice of Bashar on this one to0, ‘follow my highest excitement, to the best of my ability with zero insistence on the outcome.’ How exactly am I following the advice? I am doing the best I can to invite people to my meetup, yet this includes not overdoing things or stressing.

So let me break down the meaning of the statement:

  1. Follow you highest excitement

So if you are inspired to start of Meetup, don’t ignore due to beliefs that you might not be able to get a group together, or it will just be a waste of money

2. To the best of your ability

Do what you can, but to not stress if you cannot do as much as you like. Plant the seeds and allow time for them to grow.

3. Without any insistence on the outcome

Even if you end up sitting in the Meetup room all alone. You can rest easy. You followed your excitement when given the chance to act on elements of the excitement you acted, so there must be a reason for you to have started that Meetup. Perhaps it was for you to learn how to navigate the process of manifestation. Perhaps it was for you to learn to take a chance on your dreams.

I am in the process of learning how to be ever more BOLD. To take chances with complete respect for my limiting beliefs. I have been listening to Bashar for sometime, but have come to the conclusion that no matter how much I listen if I do not try the principles out for myself, it would be a waste of Time and Money. No matter how eloquently  Bashar speaks about the process of following excitement, I would never completely believe him, unless I tried it out.

So this will be my job for a while, following my excitement (to the best of my ability with no insistence on the outcome.) When my excitement says, “Do artwork.” I will try my best to do so. When my excitement says, “Write.” I will write. As these two things only cost me time, and I often have more time on my hands than money, I can follow these with little worry about my limiting definitions.

The point of respecting limiting definitions is to not go out and quit your job if you do not believe you will be supported without a job. Or for the Meetup example, not to rent out a huge meeting room if you are unsure you can get a group of 8 together for the first meeting.

You see my life might be changing dramatically in July. I will go from basing my life on other’s needs, to only having to care for myself. It could be a lonely, difficult time. Suddenly I will have much more time on my hands. Suddenly what has been giving my life meaning, will be far away. I will be starting out on my own after years of living with family.

So my decision is to be BOLD. My decision is to follow my Passion. My decision is to live the life that so many Channelers have been advising.

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