Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Yogurt, Oats


First off, I joined the Bashar Forum as Matcha. When I posted about how I had the choose to buy another Bashar Channeling, or spend the money on good food….

I received a link to the following:

44 Healthy Foods for Under $1

This way I can invest in Bashar, and not get stuck eating spaghetti endlessly.

I based my grocery shopping list off of the link I just posted.

Anyway, I soon saw that out of the things I had bought that the most difficult to use would be the beans. So I started looking up ways to use Beans.

12 Things to do with a Can of Beans

Also this recipe looked good:

Quick Morning Beans and Fried Eggs Recipe


I had all but one ingredient in this recipe, but used it as inspiration for my recipe.

Part One

1 Can (Any) Beans
Olive Oil (or other Oil)
Garlic 2 Cloves (I had a can of already cut garlic in the fridge, but you can use any garlic)
1/2 Cup Onions (chopped)
1/2 tablespoon Brown Sugar (or less/more based on taste… have fun experimenting)
Put Oil in Skillet, Brown 1/2 Cup Chopped Onions, Add Minced Garlic about 2 minutes before end
Drain Beans, Lightly Raise Beans (I had Tri-Beans), Drain
Add about 1/3 beans to Skillet. Mash Beans to desired constancy
Add about 1/2 tablespoon Brown Sugar
Add about more 1/3 beans to Skillet. Mash Beans to desired constancy
Repeat until all beans are in skillet and mashed

Part 2


2 Eggs
2 Bread slices
Toast bread.
Cook 2 Sunny Side up Eggs divide into two separate Sunny Side up pieces
Place Mashed Beans on Toast. Place Eggs on top
(You should have leftover Mashed Beans for storage. Think of Creative ways to use it, or simply make more Beans on Toast with Eggs tomorrow.)
Also note that all measurements are adjustable. This was a recipe I made up as I went along. If you like less Onion use less Onion, etc.


Easy to make, used based Ingredients on things already in the house. Thought, I should take a picture… decided to eat it while warm.

The point of this recipe was to be creative. I had no spices to create a refried bean correctly so decided to go for a slightly sweet beans.

Since we are talking about Beans…

Don’t soak your dried beans! Now even the cool kids agree

On Sunday I made the following recipe (only with Marshmallows instead of Pecans and 2.5 points Sweet Potatoes so I used Math to adjust the recipe.)

Sweet Potato Casserole 

So to be honest… I have been eating lots of High Fiber foods this week. If you read Don’t Soak your died beans… You will understand. My system is in healing.

So if you ever question if I could manage to write a blog post mostly on Beans… you stand corrected because I am sure this is the very thing most of you have been wondering.

I plan on increasing my Bean intake… slowly.




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