A week and back


After about a week of vacation, I returned home to soak in the home vibes. This quickly raising feeling of needing to be home while on a week long vacation is why I came up with the idea of the UFO RV. If I could just bring my home with me, I could vacation during the day and soak in the home vibes at night.

Brief explanation of the UFO RV: A Space Ship designed to be a home. Mainly I am picturing traveling the world while feeling at home the whole time. On a forum where I brought up the topic of the UFO RV, I was asked why I don’t build my home on my back and carry it with me. My interpretation of this is, “Why don’t you build a home in yourself.”

Yet, beyond the feeling of self is the feeling of place. When I returned home, I could literally feel the vibration of my apartment flowing into my nerves. The Sounds the apartment made, and the bed I was used to.

Honestly, the travels home had made me feel sick. I had a headache, could barely eat, was tired, and attempting to sleep threw up my dinner (which I hadn’t eaten much of.)

My hours were fixed on my vacation. However, I have noticed that due to having often stayed up late in my apartment, I tend to have more trouble sleeping good hours once I get home. Last night, due to my day long sickness, I slept early anyway.

Here I am n the morning quiet, when the sun is still soft. When the dew still hangs on the grass and a slight mistiness is in the air. Feeling much more able to write, I return. I recall not in the slightest my dreams last night. I have a knowledge I did dream.

I think I slept more deeply last night, than I did all week for I feel more rested with a greater level of Peace. I meet with every one of my seven siblings, my parents, their husbands/wife their husbands to be, and all my nieces/nephews. This year, surprisingly enough, everyone was able to make it.

It was a energy packed week, where I was quickly accepted as a ‘cool aunt’ by my teenage niece’s friend (she invites one friend every year.) Mainly because I do not talk down to people due to age differences and I am good at imitating the energy of another. I have spoken before of how my intuitive ability (as sub-conscience as it is) enables me to find the right topic for getting along with a person. It also tells me when it is time to listen. My niece’s friend was someone who needed to have space to talk about issues. She could have talked all night I think.

Anyway, the introverted part of myself, was feeling at great need for space. There is a great contrast to the amount of personal time I have now when compared to growing up. As the youngest of seven, my youth was an energy packed ordered chaos. I have gotten used to the solitude in part of my life. When I am not working or volunteering, I walk alone quite often. I eat at restaurants, and attend coffee shops alone. To be thrown back into the energy of my youth, with many young children running and playing…

I guess I would compare my youth to the time of day as afternoon, when the sun is high. While the quiet of morning or evening is my space now. Deep breath. Still in the process of relaxing back into the stillness. The sound my fridge makes, the Sound the Air Conditioning makes (even when off), the level of light. All these little things that say RELAX.

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