Short Dream: Meeting Star Family


While technically I was asleep in my apartment, my location in my dream was that I was sleeping at my childhood home. I got up from my dream bed and looked out the dream window. I thought how much I would love to be able to have a visitation in my dream like others write about.

Two figures appeared, and I could see them so clearly. I thought, “It is so much easier to have a vision then I thought.” The figures were royal looking, tall like an elf from the Lord of the Rings, with similar long faces to the elves. They said nothing but just stood there next to each other a male and female. Pleiadian I thought. They kind of looked like a Holy Painting the way they stood next to each other.

I moved a bit, and another vision of a male and female Pleiadian appeared. I kept on thinking, why did I think this was something hard to do, this is so easy.

This is all I remember of this dream.

So I finally had a dream with an alien, beyond the sort that comes with the Hybrid Program. The images were so clear in my dream, but I can just barely picture them now. I only remember the description because that was what I was thinking in the dream.

These Pleiadians choose to appear in my childhood home to make me feel more comfortable. It were their way of saying, “We are family.” They had a certain “Mother,” and “Father” feel. So much so that I am wondering if I saw the Pleiadian aspect of my Mother and Father. What the Pleiadian part of their Soul looks like.

You see, I receive very little guidance from guides. Occasionally I will hear a random phase, but half the time it makes no sense. I think the last random phase that entered my head was, “I am afraid.” So I honored the one who was afraid, even though I wasn’t really scared perhaps a deep part of me was. Perhaps the thoughts of another human drifted to me in the wind.

This is my limited psychic ability, about once a month I will hear without hearing a phase that isn’t from me. I’ve gotten everything from: “Soap.” I was walking down the street at this time. To “Did you really Love me?” I was also walking down the street when that was overheard without the hearing.

I decided that when I heard, “I wanted you to see the ocean for the Fish,” that it was a guide, but other than that they leave me hanging. So it is kind of expected that the Pleiadians said nothing in my dream.

My dreams, though sometimes interesting, are not typical guide dreams. I often am aware that I am dreaming, but I do have the common Lucid Dream. As I do not control my dream, but watch it as a movie.

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