Redesign in progress!


This week I am going to my parents house. I am using there fast internet to get my Zazzle site up and running. I talked to my sister about if I should post a link to my store on Facebook, and she recommended Watermarking my artwork so it isn’t easy to steal, before  going through the steps of getting a successful shop.

I do not know if my site will ever look the same. I plan on getting a Flash drive to get old images off my computer from when I was into Photography (long ago). So that I can start getting some new images for posts.

I still refuse to steal another artist’s work. So my site is now blank. Save for images for re-blogs. I even took down images I never intend to sell (because I don’t really like them).

Today I went to the Apple Store to try an Apple Pencil. Now I want one more then ever. I was unable to create good artwork standing in the apple store, but I think once I am used to the Apple Pencil, I could use it to improve my artwork greatly.

Now I just need to start putting faith in the Universe that my process of following my joy, will soon enable me to start practicing with the Apple Pencil at home.

BTW… most my art posts are now Drafts. As they made little sense without the images. I now have 190 Drafts, and I am thinking of creating more Drafts (so I can have a image for each post more easily and a more streamlined site).

I am also thinking of taking more photographs for my site, and not just using old ones. I have an iPod touch that takes good quality images, and a small refurbished high image quality camera. Once upon a time, I carried a camera around with me, and took many pictures. Now I barely Instagram.

I am wondering if I should get a new theme. Originally I bought the wrong one for me. There was a very similar theme that was better for artists.

I am supposed to be following my Passion, and I guess that involves random website redesign. Yay! Now I want to see if I can get images from my old computer. I have everything on that computer on a backup storage unit, but the kind of cord is so old it will not attach to my new computer. (I’d need an adapter.) Yet, I just was wondering if my newer backup drive would connect to my old computer making image transfer more easy. Time to find out if that idea works. As I have lots of images on my old computer from before Cloud was created. I might also transfer my old music files. I used to have some music from CD’s I no longer have.

Anyway, things look messy on my page (or just empty) right now, put improvements are on the way!


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