Seasons, Apartments, Memories and Subways


Just to note, this is the perfect Fall image. I wonder what my artwork will be looking like come Fall. Yet, I need to learn to stay in the Season I am in. In the middle of Summer I will draw Christmas images… (bottom of x-mas tree made in July)


In the middle of Winter I will draw Summer images….


or Spring images…


What am I thinking to always be several month ahead of myself? The Spring I was longing for in Winter, is almost here. What am I doing drawing the Autumn trees? Is there anything wrong with the Time I am in now?

Where am I now? Just days before the Spring Equinox. The day is a bit chilly in weather that cannot make up its mind between warm and chilly. Inside out Apartment where the heat cannot be turned off (it is building wide) warm turns into hot very quickly. All our windows are often wide open during the time it starts to warm up, and the time the heat is switched to air.

I am blessed to have a warm apartment in winter. It is quite unlike the house I grew up in. The location is perfect for me. I also find the apartment to be big. The grounds around the building make it feel like a park (where no one seems to pay attention to the signs asking you to pick up dog poop). A beautiful stream is within sight of our window. Despite my  dreams of one day having a house, I like my apartment.

The future is unknown to me. I might be moving out of my apartment come Fall. Moving into a house filled with college students, where the rent is cheaper. Yet, I should not be focusing on the maybes. So many things can happen in that time. I just need to look at how beautiful the place I am in, in the now, is.

My roommates view of the apartment we live in is different then mine. She sees it as bug filled, and run down. We only have a few bugs, as is normal anywhere. She seems to overlook all the positives in place of a few negatives. I find the old building charming. Through I wonder sometime what the expensive apartments Downtown look like. There is a new one opening in May with an indoor pool. If the cost were more reasonable the location and indoor pool would be enough to get me moving from my perfect location.

As someone with a fear of driving, my apartment’s location by the bus line is also ideal. It is a good bus too, with many hours. I have been living there so long, it feels like home.

About Half my monthly expenses go to rent. This is even with a roommate.

In a big city, rent would be a bigger part of my expenses.

Suddenly I am reminded of the location I spent 3 months in New York in. Manhattan Upper East Side. My sister and her friends had a brilliant idea. They rented a big apartment as Flight Attendants, and let other Flight Attendants pay to stay there instead of a hotel, to cover the cost of having a good New York Apartment. That place was so beautiful. They picked the perfect colors to paint the walls, and there were big windows. (Windows are often my favorite part of a building.)

The only thing I didn’t like is that it was on top of a bakery, so there was a big truck outside the window at night unloading ingredients for the baker to bake during the early morning. Yet, I got used to the noise. When I decided to return to Michigan it was so strangely quiet everywhere.

Part of me would like to return to New York, without having to worry about money. Yet, now going through the city exhausts me. I am more of an empath then before, perhaps. To think that now one day in New York knocks me out, when I once spent three months.

There was something enchanting about being near so many people. I remember looking out over the buildings from a park which was a natural cliff. Just picturing that each of those buildings was filled with people, and from that point there were many buildings to see. At night once, I mentally connected to the spirit of the city. I pictured my Grandfather growing up in the Bronx, and how I had returned to the same city.

New York City has its charms. So much to visit and see. I wasn’t in the best condition when I lived in New York. I was sleeping quite a bit. I am surprised I managed to see so much. I had been taken off the medication that, turns out, made me sleep a long time, but my thyroid was imbalanced (I had no idea) so I still slept a lot… just not as much as before.

I was put back on that medication in the future. Yet, as my thyroid was imbalanced while I was off it, it is not the strongest indicator of my need for this kind of medication now that my thyroid is balanced.

I loved the Subway as someone who is afraid of driving, I was suddenly about as mobile as everyone else. At the time, it was only $80 a month to ride the Subway unlimited.

However, my family would be having a BBQ back in Michigan, and I would see the food on Facebook. I was torn between staying and returning home. I Loved the City, as I tend to Love anywhere I live, but I loved Michigan too.

I think you have figured out that I returned to Michigan. Where I was once again trapped by not driving. Until I returned to Ann Arbor, which has a good bus system. Doesn’t compare to the Subway system in New York, but much better then most of the United States.

I had a dream once, where I was able to quickly construct a Earthquake Proof above ground tram in California. So fast it moved like a roller coaster, with so many trains that they stopped by the different stops every 5 minutes. Suddenly no one wanted to drive anymore, for you could get there faster and cheaper on the tram system. The moment you walked into the tram system you were scanned in and charged on a card you carried. No waiting in line to get on, no pulling out your card.

I have daydreamed about Subway systems being built across the United States. Fast systems. Where you could take the Subway between even small cities, or quickly between big ones. Built like a city bus system, with little points connecting to bigger points. Your phone would literally warn you when your stop was approaching, tell you which train to get on next, and guide you  to that train. As such a big system could get confusing no matter how clear the system is.

I have rumbled on about Seasons, Apartments, Memories and Subways long enough. I was going to write an article about being always two seasons ahead of myself… lets just say I got side tracked.

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