Daydream about abundance


No matter how much lack doesn’t exist, it still feels limiting. I’d very much like to get a reading from so many people. Yet, I know that readings are a luxury. If only I had enough abundance that I no longer had to reference money.

Every month I have to plan out how much I can spend and where. I am currently saving money for an iPad pro, or iPhone. This means I need to cut back spending whereas normally I’d be in abundance temporarily from my tax refund.

It is so hard to believe that lack doesn’t exist when I constantly have to budget to make sure I make rent.’s Truth Seeking department thinks that Money is a Babylonian Slave System. Morgana Rae has a completely different view of money. There are also some others who view Money as a beautiful faerie who has been abused by humanity, but beautiful non-the-less.

Completely different views. I personally think Money is a useful tool. An easy way of trading one thing for another without the middle ground of having to trade for something you don’t want in order to make a trade for something you want.

Say the person at the Apple Store would only trade an iPad Pro for a boat. I, however, would have to make a lot of artwork until I found someone willing to trade all my artwork for their boat. Then I would have to lag the boat over to the Apple Store only to discover it isn’t the right kind of boat for the trade. If instead I sold small prints of my artwork to different people wanting just a little artwork for money. I wouldn’t have to trade a lot of artwork for one boat. I could take the money and buy an iPad Pro with no boat involved.

Money is a tool, not a slavery system. Credit Cards, on the other hand, seem like a bit of a slavery system. That you must get a Credit Card to get good Credit to be able to get into an apartment/house seems a bit unfair. Credit Cards can easily turn into debt, and here many are forced to use them to build good credit. I stay away from Credit Cards. I have my name on one with my parents, to build good credit. Yet, other than that I have never had a Credit Card. I see the whole Credit Card system as designed to cost you money, Credit Card rewards seem like a joke. The cost of having a Credit Card outweighs the reward.

Yet, the system is set up to give only good Credit to those who participate in the Credit card system. That is the true Babylonian Slave system.

I was tempted to get a Credit Card to help me get an iPad pro sooner. Yet, my oracle cards pointed to this as a disaster. It’d be too tempting to start putting things on Credit.

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