Bentinho Massaro

“Dealing with Negative Entities” -Bentinho

I am currently watching the video posted in this post. As usual, I got inspired before finishing a video and decided to write on the inspiration.

So far in the video Bentinho has stated a very good way of dealing with the service-to-self beings.

I say it is a good way because I have come across this way on my own. It all started with Matt Kahn mentioning that when he was trying to fall asleep and could not, he would repeat “May you be blessed,” like a lullaby. So I tried the same a few times. A fear would arise before falling asleep, and I would think, “May you be blessed.” Over and over again, I would repeat it. In the presence of such words, the fear disappeared.

Then I had a dream, where I was playing with Faeries. All of the sudden, the girl from the Ring appeared attached to my back trying to scare me. I turned around, in the dream, and said, “I love you. I love you. I love you.” This continued on repeat, and the being in my dream failed to scare me.

Next, I was listening to Zorra on the Hallow Earth Network, and he said the best way to deal with the negative beings, (forget if he said Cabal or Illuminati) is to Love them. I remembered the dream at this moment.

Finally, I come to Bentinho’s video, and he says the same. Seems that my life really wants to reinforce this point until I write it down to reinforce the memory more.

So far this Bentinho video a good watch for anyone who has trouble with “Negative Entities.” I started this at the moment the important question is asked. I do not know if I will finish the video tonight (it is already late).

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