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The story unfolds…

I’d say overall Monday is a good day. Brenda Hoffman always has a channeling on her Blog, and David Wilcock always has a Wisdom Teachings Show released. The thing about, Wisdom Teachings, is often once the weekly episode is over, you are waiting for the next week. I […]

Observations on the Second Wave

I was watching some older episode of Cosmic Disclosure today. The first two that were by far my favorites. Before the introduction of things like the A.I. threat. People like Corey Goode and David Wilcock live in a completely different world than Matt Kahn. Matt Kahn says ascension […]

The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change are blown. Wither it just be the strangely warm weather that has changed, or a deeper more lasting change. The Battle between Winter and Warmth rages on, and Winter seems to be losing. Each day that a surprisingly warm spring like day greets me […]

Its Broken? Lets fix it!

I’ve been catching up on Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock. His recent revolution about Martians, rings true in my mind. Overall I have a strange desire to reconstruct the missing planet. I wonder if we will ever have that ability. As it seems it awful waste to lose […]