Thoughts late at night

Despite all evidence that nothing much has changed. On a deeper level everything has changed. We are each on our individual path, and I realize that what I say may not resonate with you. In my mind I have grown, and I continue to grow.

I have been getting to know the Tarot cards in a round about way. Long ago I brought a used book, that was filled with notes. Now I am watching free Tarot readings on youtube. Little by little I will get to know each card more fully then that book ever told me.

I had blocks before, that I no longer dwell on. It still exists, the logical side of me, for this side of me has a purpose in making choices. Yet, really that side of myself never got me far. It is prone to stress about things, and spend to much time thinking things over to seize an opportunity. Still it is the side that society values, even if without balance from the other sides of the self, it does not get you far.

I just stopped watching a certain New Age video. You have to be careful with the New Age, and use discernment. A lot of time it will try to pull out your fear side, pointing out horrible GMO’s or even the very English language as being designed to be disempowering to common man. I agree, the world is not perfect, but the way we transfer knowledge of such things alienates others.

There very well might be every single evil organization designed to disempower humans. Yet, you fight their power by being in your element. Be sure of your own power, and respectful of your neighbors. At the end of the day, these evil organizations cannot win. For this Earth is just a single aspect of something far greater.

They are in that element now, you ancestors. They can see how everything on Earth is designed. We are living in it. Just beginning to get an understanding.

If focusing on all those organizations like Monsanto brings joy to your life, do so. A life fighting for a cause can be a very good one. Do not be overwhelmed, just do what you can. Yet, do not let others catch you up in fear.

I do not believe in any evil organization. I think that there are a lot of misinformed organizations, like Monsanto. I think Monsanto is really trying to feed the world, along with making enough profit to continue advanced (expensive) research. Scientists at Monsanto don’t go home thinking they just created a new GMO to secretly poison the planet. The Scientists think they are on the cutting edge of feeding the hungry.

There are a lot of organizations pushing for monetary value, over sustainable living. They are misinformed about what is important. They do not see how they will profit if they don’t make certain choices, that end up being costly to humanity. These people were raised to value things of no real value in the long run. Those making choices that hurt humanity, think they have no other choice. They lack imagination to see the vast other choices open to them.

As a whole humans like to think they are working for the good, or at least doing what they have to in order to survive. Its the way most humans work. If you want to change the world, this is important to understand. You build from this, trying to find out how to get people to really be working for the good, and get them to believe the don’t have to sacrifice working for good in a dog eat dog world.


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