I read an interesting post about all the things that are said to be coming this September at There are far to many things to list. Some are worrisome. But I do not believe September will be a bad month. I do hope that the world will change, but I do not want others to suffer in the process. We need to stop learning through suffering, and learn how to grow healthier in joy. Why would the systems have to painfully crumble with world leaders becoming too ill to lead? Why cannot the leaders be awaken to the wisdom inside of them, all at once. People can change overnight with visions. Why don’t they all have an O.B.E. as vivid and mind opening as a N.D.E.

Why not instead of the world finances continuing to crumble, the economy miraculously changes with the leaders that are now wise due to awakening.

The world doesn’t have to change in the old way. We are looking at the world from a new angle.

I think that September will be a splitting of timelines. Whereas some people will go into a timeline where all the things happen exactly as predicted. They will have an adventure that is sure. Some people will be in a timeline where nothing changes. Which is not the right one to pick considering where the world is headed. Yet, the timeline I am aiming for, is the one where things transform without pain into a dance more beautiful then we have the ability to imagine.

September seems like as good a month as any to transform the world. I cannot help but post the music video in the article.

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