Kind Stranger Buys Shoes for a Special Olympics Athlete

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Jake Kuehl and Peter Matter had never met before, but they’ll always remember each other.

Jake Kuehl and Peter MatterEarlier this week, Jake Kuehl and his family went to the mall after work.

Kuehl said he noticed a man looking at a shoe store for a long time. That man was 53-year-old Peter Matter. Matter is an athlete with Special Olympics.

Read the rest of this lovely story below which was extracted from Jake’s Facebook wall:

“I made a new friend today.

We met at the mall.

He had been doing some window shopping, and found a pair of shoes he REALLY liked. Unfortunately, like many people today, he couldn’t afford the shoes; so after one last peer through the window he moved along, stealing one last look over his shoulder as they faded out of sight.

I had been watching him stare at these shoes for what had to have been five or…

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