Angel Messages of Light- Dreaming Heaven

I dreamt of my sisters Dog, who died years ago. My sister was driving in the front seat. I was in the back with the Dog. He was so fascinated by the fact I had real bones, that he painlessly chewed on my arms. He hadn’t seen a real bone in ages.

I told my sister about what he was doing, because it was like he had completely forgotten the concept of ‘bad dog’ and just did whatever he wanted all the time. She laughed.

My sister wanted me to walk up a staircase to advertise a business as I was a big star. I said I needed better clothes if that plan was going to work. She just laughed.

I think that I was talking to a part of my sister who is in heaven even though she is on Earth. I have heard before that a part of us is in Heaven even on Earth, and this explains why people having NDE’s meet people in spirit who are sometimes alive.

So I guess that part of us takes care of Loved Lost Pets, and likely hangs out with anyone we have lost.

Categories: Beginnings

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