What are the Fae?

Went to the garden store today. Picked out some plants. Next weekend I might plant them. That is small time news, but meaningful in that I will ask the Fae to help with the garden. I plan on hiding some crystals in the soil. I am an inexperienced gardener. I only know the basics of plant care, but only one way to learn.

I am unsure where Fae stand in the grand scheme of things. Are they aliens, misinterpreted because ancient humans didn’t understand the solar system, or are they something else? I pulled out my Angel Answers cards and asked are Fae aliens? The answer was, ‘Within the next few months.’ I interpreted that the answer would be revealed to me in a short time.

Yet, do you not see the similarities? Fae are from another dimension, so of course they are not Earthlings. Yet, are they the same as your extraterrestrial aliens, or are they more connected to the Earth. Whatever dimension they are from, and Earth are closely linked. The impact of deforestation seems to effect them, even if they live in another dimension. So their dimension is so close to Earth, they are laterally living on the same planet, just beyond the sight of common man.

Did not various cultures say the rocks, and trees had Spirits? I think that Fae are the Spirits of Nature taking on human form to relate to us. Most humans cannot see Spirits of any kind. I have a very limited vision of them. I, sometimes, see specks of light floating in the air, in nature areas. So very tiny you have to really change your focus to see them. It looks like little bits of dust that shine in the sunlight.

This effect can happen outside of nature too. Last time this happened I was shaving my legs in the bathroom. Suddenly on the corner of my vision the light dust appeared. I am sure eye doctors have a name for these, that scientifically minded individuals label as eye problems. I, however, know it is Spirit.

Beyond visualization, this is all I see of the unseen. You know the freaky thing is, that when I was mentally ill, I saw people others didn’t see with such clarity that they looked no different from people others could see. Now walking down the street, perhaps I see more people on the street then others do… What I am saying is, perhaps, even those who say they have never seen a Spirit, have done so, and didn’t realize it.

I have never seen Fae in the classical sense. If I saw one, it was pretty well shape shifted.

Yet, it is possible that some of the ancient reports of Fae were not Fae as in the Spirit of Nature taking form, but the various humanoids who have visited the Earth.

I am going to take a moment to put to rest that part of myself that feels silly writing such things, seriously. The young me that thought any food left out for Fae only disappeared because animals ate it. I assure any that read this thinking I am crazy, I am just filled with the Magic of Possibility. Am I 100% sure Fae exist… no. I leave them crystals and offerings, but I have never seen them. Yet, the possibility of nature taking on humanoid form to play with humans, makes me smile. You might think me stuck in ‘La La Land,’ but, if your have never visited it, I welcome you for a visit. You should really try visiting the realm of nature’s spirit sometime.

I am good at such things, not that I do it often. You could think of it as advanced visualization or Self-guided mediation. I do so without invoking Spirit Guides or anything to protect me. I have perfect faith I am protected in such things, without the common visualization of White Light, or prayers to Angels. John Edward believes it is important to use psychic protection before doing psychic work. I don’t do psychic work, and am hardly an expert. Perhaps he is talking about something different.

I meet a Shaman who was was upset with me for doing such journeys without invoking protection first. That is why I bring it up. She says the problem with the New Age is that it doesn’t believe in evil. I guess I have a problem then, because believing in evil did me more damage then evil itself. There is nothing to Fear but Fear itself, seems to come to my mind at this point. Evil and Fear are greatly linked. Yes, there are bad things in the world, but maybe not in the traditional sense of a Devil. I believe in people who do bad things, but not evil. Perhaps someday I will get straight what I believe. Thankfully my Guardian Angel(s) is watching out for all those times I innocently Soul travel without setting up a circle first.

John Edward says, You wouldn’t have unprotected sex with everyone at the local bar, so why would you do psychic work without protection. I think that it there is a difference between the level of advancement. I didn’t agree with John Edwards enough that I stopped reading his book on psychic development. I’ve read many of his books, but I found him too busy in this one. I found his books years ago in a used book store. Before I did any reading of NDE’s. It was an important step in me beginning to believe in the afterlife.

One of the most important things that come from books written by psychics, whether they be mediums or Angel readers (Kyle Grey), is that they expand you definition of normal human experiences. Before, having been labeled Mentally ill, I felt maybe ill for things that I now consider natural to being human. I am able to live an expanded life, learning from teachers I would have avoided before. All because I was given example after example that the vanilla mainstream view of human experience was so tight fitting it was choking.

So those who think me crazy to write about Fae, are perfectly welcome to do so. I am diagnosed mentally ill therefore I have every excuse to be crazy. Label me away as that crazy homeless person who talks to themselves on the street. Under different circumstances that would have been my fate. Walk away from me not looking me in the eye. I know that the strength of my family is really the only reason I got ‘good’ medical care. I had support, and without it, I wouldn’t even be here anymore. I didn’t have the personal strength to become the crazy homeless person, perhaps a reconsideration of how we see the homeless in in order. They had the strength to face hardships without a family to support them.

Really I don’t know where I am going with this post anymore. I reach an end many times, and just kept on writing. I should finish now… no now. Now?

hehehe, still writing.

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