Writing my future

It is late tonight, and I should have slept long ago. I was listening to one last Kryon, but he was asking his audience to take a break to write their future.

So here I am.

For a while, I will exist learning. I will get into a deeper touch with who I am inside, and I will continue to blog. I will be an undercover world changer, offering love to the community around me. I will process negative energies and transform that energy into rich soil. For it is from the waste that the new plants grow. Beautiful flowers from what others thought was useless.

Online my following will grow, bit by it. This blog a record of someone who from despair found light. Those in their dark nights will stumble upon my past writings, just when they need them.

In time, bit by bit. I will write my book. While my platform grows with my blog. I am in no rush. I have a great deal of learning and living to do before my book can be complete.

My cards lately have been pointing towards a good relationship in the future. Someone who I get along with, but where we complement each other as opposed to being mirror images. This person, too, has a desire to learn, but not New Age spirituality. I have a feeling that it will be more of the scientific sort, who will gift me lots of crystals, but not for the reasons I buy them. A bit of a case of opposites attracting.

Between my blog and book, I will have more financial abundance then before. I will finally get a house instead of an apartment. Still a simple life, but with more space. I will continue to exist to transform the planet, being more open minded then in any of my other incarnations. Details of life will be beautiful throughout. My death will be painless, without suffering.

In my next incarnation I will discover my book and blog, hardly knowing it was written by myself. I will look up to myself, hardly knowing the same simple greatness is/was me. For it is not always the most historically dramatic life of fame, and struggle that transforms the planet. It is in the little lives in the background, where the real power of transformation occurs.

I will be just famous enough to make money as a blogger/writer/artist. Yet, to those who relate to my work, my impact will be world changing.

This for something better… this or something better

Good night

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