“I Was Overwhelmed by My Own Power of Mind”

Thank you AngelicView. I am afraid you do not realize how life changing your blog can be. I think you just want to share what interests you, but you do not always recognize how healing this is. Some healing can happen instantly, yet other people need time.

I think your blog helped change my attitude. I wasn’t quite ready to accept certain things when I first came across your blog. I would read the NDE’s because they were beautiful, but the rest was harder to accept. I found your blog when I was interested in angels. I had no knowledge of NDE’s, before. Reading NDE after NDE, my mind opened. I developed my own understandings over time.



AngelicView: This is an STE (Spiritually Transformative Event) from a woman who was very ill with a genetic illness that lead to other health conditions. An STE could be an NDE (Near-Death Experience) or an OBE (Out of Body Experience) in this case. It’s hard to say in most cases of STE’s what really happened. But the take-away for that person is that the experience completely transforms their life and/or their views on life. That is what it did for Malla.

I glanced up on the large clock on the wall beside me. 02.45. I must have dozed off.

Days and nights seemed to blend into each other as my need for sleep grew more and more inevitable. Pain had become my only friend. I really had no expectations left of recovery. I was done. Out of sheer exhaustion, I whispered, ‘Father, I can’t do this anymore.’ In my…

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