Saying the ‘Rosebud’ cheat in my head

After my last post about gaming, where I was wondering if manifesting abilities are like the cheats in games like The Sims. I decided to test my theory. In my head I visualized typing the word ‘Rosebud’ and hitting enter. ‘Rosebud’ is the Sims cheat for 1000 Simoleons ($) to be added to the game.

Did this visualization while walking home from work, last week. I was planning on going to a restaurant on the way home. As I reached the shopping center I looked noticed $5 laying on the ground. If it had been more money, I might have gone to a nearby shop and put it in lost and found.

So after my meal the waitress received a $5 tip. I figured that money is always covered in germs, so it made no difference that the $5 had been on the ground. I accidentally dropped the contents of my purse under the table. I thought I had picked up everything, but my Archangel Michael Pocket Shield (a medal pendant, which was still in its container) was overlooked. I am not upset about losing it. I think I am just as protected without it. The person finding it might, however, feel more safe carrying it.

So, I am not sure if this $5 was actually a result entering ‘Rosebud’ into a visualized computer, or the Archangel Michael paying me for my Pocket Shield because someone needed it more then me.

So today, I am typing, ‘Rosebud’ enter, into a computer, again.

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