Busy Time Acoming


It is so close to Christmas, and I am so unprepared. My cousin in coming to stay at my apt, and nothing is clean yet. I have not completed making my Christmas gifts, and time is running out to do everything. Time flies so quickly. I kept on putting things off one more day, thinking I had plenty of time.

At my job, I always tell patrons the due date, and it seems so far away. Yet, those due dates, which seem so far, have come and gone. New far away due dates appear, and before long they too are past.

That is the story of my life. Years ago, I was sleeping long hours due to my medication. I barely had hours during day to live. Years went by like this. Before I knew it, I had locked myself in my room for two years. Hardly doing anything called living. Then my Nephew was born, and I focused on helping with him. He is four, and getting closer to five. Soon I will have helped my sister almost everyday for five years. Any vacation time was work, because I took vacation with my sister and Nephew. I am doing better, if still slow, yet I am not living my own life.

Happy Holidays,

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