Wasting time with the Sims


Maybe a week ago I started playing the Sims 3 again. I never really played the Sims 3, nearly as much as the SIms 2. When it first came out, my computer was to ancient to run the Sims 3.

I am fully aware that the Sims 4 will be coming out soon. I’d buy it, but I have a mac. The mac release date is unset. Some people are worried that it will never come to the mac. I am worried that it will come to the tablets only. Both these worries are unrealistic. There are simply too many mac users who support the Sims. No good business would overlook such a big market. It will take extra time to convert the Sims 4 to a tablet, so it makes sense to start with normal computers.

I have an idea for the Sims 5. To make it so that it can be played on both iphones (or ipod Touch), tablets, and computers. Not just that, but you can continue the play game on one of them, and the others will update.


In the Sims community there is a lot of talk about all the features missing from the base game that were in past base games, but I would prefer time being spent making sure it is a new game.  If Maxis (part of EA) focused on including every feature of the old, they wouldn’t have time to design anything new.

It is fun how the internet allows you access to so many different communities just by searching. All you need is a mild interest in the SIms, and you are able to read the posts of people who have been avid players for years.

I wasted a lot of time as a child playing the original Sims. In our house there was an old computer, in a room that got improper heating. I’d go into the room, with a cup of hot peppermint tea, and start to play. I’d get so lost in the game that I forgot the cold, or even to drink my tea. Hours later, I’d realize that there was tea to drink, and it would be ice cold. (Winter) To this day, peppermint tea reminds me of the Sims. In fact, I have some right now. (Hence the Sims post.)

I’d also download user created content. Already there was a community of Sims players, and, at that time, I felt a part of it. Now I am an outsider remembering. I am disappointed that the Sims 4 will not be coming to the mac for so long. I’d love to be creating characters on the free Create a SIm Download. I’d create K-pop stars.

Really the Sims is a magical game, if you ship two people, you can create them in the game. Then you can work toward their relationship. That is a little freaky, and I have yet to do it. I am tempted. I am way to old to use the word ship, lol. Oh, young K-pop fans, you make me feel so old. I feel immature to ship Kai and Taemin. Let the Stars decide who they want to ship on their own. Yet, in the Sims you can decide.


Yet, I will have to wait, but I am used to it. I’ve had to wait for nearly every Sims since the first.  Either it was because I had a mac, or my computer was to old. I’ve waited years before.

Luckily, I now work at a library that has a video game archive. I can play the game on a computer in the video game room. I am sure that they will purchase the game for the archive because IT IS THE SIMS. The Sims, if not as popular as before, is/are computer game legend. 

I am afraid of my co-workers thinking I spend to much time on video games, when I start using the archive. I will likely get drawn into the game, and hours will pass. There might be a time limit, however. So that others can use the computers. There are only a few gaming computers.

Have wonderful day,

Play well,


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