Waiting for inspiration and angels

I am feeling a down period of inspiration. I did ask the angels for help, but post ideas just are not popping into my head. I am stubbornly asking the angels for help even with the doubts I’ve had about receiving help from them. Doreen Virtue paints an easy picture of ask and you shall receive. I imagined the best possible future, and asked for this or better. This is as Doreen advises. Maybe I will be surprised to look back at this post years from now and wonder how I could have ever doubted.

I had pictured working with the angels to build up my trust in them. I pictured little things like finding big feathers. I also assumed that if I entered a period of low inspiration, I could just ask the angels for help. Yet, here I am without an idea for a good post.

I will admit that when reading Doreen Virtue’s Archangels 101, I found at least one thing to ask each Archangel for help. I concluded that the type of writing I enjoy the most is Blog posts. So I asked the Archangels to work with me to create a successful Blog. So, if this Blog is ever successful in the future, I had help from the angels.

In Archangels 101 it has a list of each archangel being connected to certain crystals. Instead of going out and buying more crystals, I asked the Archangels to get their crystal to me. They can be given to me as gifts, or have other interesting circumstances. Yet, in the future I want to be able to look at that list, and see all the crystals the angels have given me.

I do realize that there is a bump on my road to a successful blog. Sooner or later, I will have to tell my family. As of now, only one of my family members knows about my blog. This is a step up from total secrecy. I will face the next steps as the need arises, and still do genuinely ask the Archangels for help.

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