Atlantis had respect for hunter-gather cultures

Months ago I posted my theory that Atlantans thought themselves better then other humans because they did not share their advanced technology. I said this was their downfall because when disaster struck, if they had worked on creating a better world for all, then more of them would have been outside Atlantis.

Today, I rethought this idea. History has shown that when you bring technology into a Hunter-gatherer society, the culture suffers. The tribes often break-up and join the modern world. The rich culture they have is endangered, and becomes difficult to maintain. So by not sharing their technology Atlantans were respecting the other cultures in the world.

My old idea was an old Western perspective of things. A perspective were we felt themselves better and pushed our cultures onto others. We thought we were doing good, and helping. We have learned a lot since then, but the old ideas are still entrenched in our culture.

So I was wrong. Atlantis really was an advanced society. They did not go out to conquer, even though their technology might have made that easy. They lived alongside Hunter-gathers with a respect that I wish was shown to Native Americans. Much respect to Atlantis.

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