Why doesn’t language transfer from one lifetime to the next?

I have bought a Past Life Regression CD with the goal of even remembering one word from a language I do not know. I regressed to a lifetime where I had the honor of knowing how to write. I could sense my arm moving and putting word on paper, but I did not know the words I wrote, just the feeling on a brush on paper.

Now I have not done enough Past Life Regressions to be sure, but I am beginning to think that all the effort to remember a language is flawed. You see, in the state in between death and life we are able to communicate with the mind. We are not reliant on words to communicate, so we forget the language we once thought with. When we return to life on Earth we must spend many years trying to remember how to rely on language. Here I am picturing little babies trying to communicate in the same way we do in the afterlife. How frustrating it must be to go from effortless mind communication to sound based thought.

So, it would be easier to remember something non-language related. If someone were able to remember a language they didn’t study, what amazing proof of Reincarnation. Should I continue to do Past Life Regressions for this reason? Should I pick out a language that I had no way of learning on my own, and focus my Past Life Regressions on remembering? Or, should I do what normal people do and work through past life trauma.

It would likely take years of Regressions to remember a language, and might even be harder then normal language study. Do I have the confidence to continuously Regress with this in mind? Perhaps I should get the normal past life trauma’s dealt with first, and then focus on my goal.

Does anyone think this is a horrible idea? What else could I try to remember?

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