Past Life Regression and Knowledge… I let my imagination run a little in this post

I just had the funniest idea. As souls with many lives, we have spoken many languages. I listen to a lot of k-pop. Is it actually my soul desire to hear a language again that draws me to Korean music?

Furthermore, could we somehow access knowledge from a past life in order to better learn a language?

I have read, and heard a lot of Near Death Experiences. In some of them the person with the NDE gains knowledge. There was one person in particular (wish I remember his name… he was on Coast to Coast AM) who was able to access this knowledge after the NDE. He let a college study him. He would be asked questions, and come up with answers. Once a Professor called him up to thank him because his answer had worked.

Currently, it is possible to be hypnotized to remember a past life. This is called a Past Life Regression. If we ever learn how to take knowledge, and not just fleeting memories from this process, learning a new language would be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

There are also secrets of the past that could remembered. For example, in Ancient China there was a different process for working with metal. Today, we have metal artwork made with this process, but have no idea how they were made. Could advanced Past Life Regression someday unravel such mysteries?

Think about it, you have had many lives, and many lifetimes of knowledge that you soul has complete access too. The information is too much for the human brain to handle, but, if we learned a way to select certain knowledge from past lives, we could uncover a new way of learning.

Remembering the past, one day, might be a new frontier. With dedication, a person could remember bit by bit. Keeping detailed notes in a computer to hold the location of the memory. The location of the memory could enable a person to remember the information briefly. In time, what is now only accessible between human lifetimes could be used in our current one.

History would rewrite itself, and this time it would be written truthfully.

I suddenly feel like having a few Past Life Regressions myself. If I had enough money, I could become the first human to map all their lifetimes.

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